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Thank you for visiting my Internet site. Please let me know what you think of it.  You will find all my contact information on the "About Us" page or my email and phone below.

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I enjoy working on plein air paintings.  This is an oil on canvas of Babb's Creek.

If you are interested in my art work, classes or to commission art work, please contact me. You can call or email me at (570) 339-2220 or email me.


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In my last year of teaching at Mt. Carmel Area HS, I had a very dedicated group of students.  They really gave their all for their art.

     In brief, I have been in the art business for over three decades: however, St. Joseph's Studio was established in [1994] and had been responsible for providing outstanding [fine art, commissioned art and murals, art restorations and classes] ever since. You will note the [variety of art services offered]. My regular customers particularly value this. My studio is located at [101 South Chestnut St, Mt. Carmel, Pa. 17851].

       This mural was
   commissioned by
   OIP Restaruant in
    Mt Carmel.  It is
  acrylic on glass and
    is approximately
     four by six feet.

"Jett One

painted on

                                                             Artist Statement:

My view on art and the work I do in this field is shaped by numerous life experiences. Teaching art at Mt. Carmel Area High School for 32 years, my faith, family, colleagues, private classes, art competitions and just creating art my entire life has kept me busy.  My education, personal study, love of museums, galleries and traveling have all been inspiring.   Through the years, I have worked on many commissioned pieces, paintings, drawings, photos, art restorations and conservation of statues, many for churches, and recently stained glass windows.  In my easel work, I have mostly done realistic landscapes, a few stills and a few portraits.  In addition to this, I have done many murals including backdrops for plays. Now, I have been printing my own Giclee prints and have put this website together.   Working in just about every drawing and painting mediums, dabbling in print making and sculpture and combining all of my experiences, it would be fair to compare me to an artist of the Renaissance.  I like to think of myself in that framework.  I have always experimented and worked in a wide variety of media and disciplines in the field of art.  The predominance of landscapes in my work has more to do with the availability of the subject matter, the peace I feel when working outdoors than any inclination towards a favorite genre.


Mark lives with his wife Donna Rose and youngest daughter Elizabeth Ann next to his Studio in Mt. Carmel.  Donna is a homemaker and has run the household for their 30 years of marriage.  His oldest daughter Lori Ann is married to John Ruggiero.  They have a five year old son, Andrew who loves to draw and paint.  Last year their daughter Clara arrived in April.  They live in Penopolis, Brazil.  Lori is also an artist and has assisted her father with large projects and has her own art business in Brazil.  Donna, Lori and Elizabeth all went to Holy Spirit School.  Elizabeth attends Bucknell University and a recipient of the Joseph Deppen Scholarship.  In addition to this, Mark is an Extraordinary Minister of Communion and has been taking communion to the nursing home since 1995.  He has also served as president of the Parish council at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish for three years and is in his second year of another three year term.